Professional Triathletes, local heros

Big prop's to Triathlon Business International for publishing, unedited, my blog on professional triathletes. If nothing else I expected it to appear edited, but in the wisdom they've published the whole thing even though I inferred many of the members were exhibiting cartel like behavior, and their President had misunderstood the role of teams and team sports in generating media impact.

Professional triathletes find coaches, they find endemic sponsors, and some even convince Mom and Dad to help out with some of the admin side. Increasingly, it's incredibly hard for them to make money. Local bike shops are finding it hard and harder to compete, few can afford to really support teams, or more than just a few athletes anymore. Other sport-specific companies won't do it. Why should they, effectively they are a cartel. None pay more than they have to, and athletes can't live by blogging and tweeting for free stuff.

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