The trouble with Garmin and your data

I've had endless trouble over the last month since updating Garmin Express and the firmware on my Garmin 310XT. My advice, if it's working, don't change anything. Sadly my 310XT has been taking longer and longer to detect the satellites in my start position, and from time to time it wouldn't even actually get beyond the logo, so I decided to hard reset the device and load the latest firmware. The watch seems to work now, its the rest of the Garmin ecosystem that I've been having trouble with. A few lessons.

1. If your workloads are not showing up on Garmin Connect, check their system status

2. Check the Sync status of your devices, if they've worked they should show the latest date which will be the day you synced them after the activity

3. The first place to start with trying to get it to work is to start clearing out the workouts waiting to sync via the two little arrows on the top left of this
Click the X for each item in the queue to remove it, then Remove to confirm; try to sync again in Garmin Express

4. If its still not syncing, start Garmin Express and remove the device, watch, etc. try to follow through these steps which include updating Garmin Express software, and removing the device from Garmin Express

Finally, if you get to this point and are still having problems, please formally report this to Garmin. Their product support can be reached via this form. If Garmin get enough problem reports perhaps they'll realize what a mess their software is.

Garmin data uploading(from devices) used to be so simple, especially for those us that used 3rd Party Apps, as I have since they very early days of the Garmin Forerunner 305(2006?) when the software was very simple, as was the connection via a cradle and USB, at least until the connections got dirty. I use SportTracks, their tech support reminded me the other day that Garmin no longer supported direct access to the data via the device, and you had to load the data after it had been offloaded by Garmin Express. And, there's the rub. If Garmin Express won't offload and sync with Garmin Connect, you are stuck.

This SportTracks blog has a description of how you can process the data with 3rd party apps. DC Rainmaker has a good background on the changes and software from June 2014, here.