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Credit where credit is due...

Time to catch-up with a few things, pay credit where credit is due and also for an apology.

First, I'm delighted to provide a link to Dr Sarah Springman ITU election manifesto. I've been sceptical about Sarahs election for many reasons, not least because it is hard to believe that current president Les McDonald could be beaten, and we will see. But Sarah has at least taken time to put together a pretty comprehensive description of how she sees the future of the sport. As for her election... well I still remain sceptical.

As for things here at home. I met with BTA Chair candidate Jasmine Flatters and Vice Chair, Clive Faine this morning to discuss my resolutions for the BTA AGM. Resolution-1, "vote return" the board have decided to recommend acceptance at the AGM.

Resolution-4.  though isn't quite as straight forward. Everyone, it appears, feels that the objective of the Open Governance resolution is very lauderble, but there is a strong feeling that this sort detail doesn't really belong in "articles of association". Clive asked me if I'd consider withdrawing the amendment provided I received an assurance from the current board that these measures, where reasonable, are implemented. My concern is not really just the current board but to make sure that we, the members, can have what are no more than reasonable governance guidelines in place as the new UK Sport driven "One Stop Plan" is implemented. So, I'm going to reconsider this one but first will wait to see what reassurance I get from the current board. On the other resolutions, I get the impression that the Executive Board doesn't look favourably on them and won't support them. Henry still feels that both should go to a vote.

On the ITU front, I learnt from overseas sources that Resolution-13 is unlikely to even get to the vote. I did fax Peter Coulson to ask how the BTA would vote on this, but have not had a reply as yet.

And, on the subject of Peter Coulson, an apology. Well, sort of.In this journal entry, I questioned the ethics of the BTA promoting Peter via the double page spread in the AGM and election election of the in-house produced Tri News. The problem with this was that Peter wasn't the only candidate for the position of Chair, executive board member Jasmine Flatters is also standing and has been proposed by the current Vice-Chair, Clive Faine and seconded long time BTA stalwart, official and GB Age Group team manager Ian Petitt. Well, rightly or wrongly the AGM insert for Tri News went to the printers before Jasmines’ nomination was received and too late to give her equal coverage. So, apologies for suggesting that this was bad practice and unfair. But really... it was still naive

BTA AGM 2004 Resolutions
Dr Sarah Springman Election Manifesto

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UK Sport: Ten sports pioneer one stop planning
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