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Just like starting over

After last years decision to only race short course(aka sprint) with all that was going on, come November, I decided to take a complete break in training and racing. Changing career, moving 1,000 miles to Colorado, and getting a complete family was enough.

My last workout was the 5k Turkey Trot in Lincoln Nebraska, freezing cold rain, running with a 7-year old on her bike. Time 36:01. I managed to get a few trail rides in February, nothing to report. I did my first run of the year on March 4th, 3:59 miles and boy did I struggle.

My assumption was that after 6-months, I'd have completely rehabilitated any lingering soft tissue injuries, also that some of the sensitivity in my right knee, from the bone on bone contact would have gone away. Well it hasn't, along with potentially increased pain, now from both knees, swelling from osteo-arthritis, muscular weakness, and high altitude, reminds me very much of starting training after 15-years of mostly inactivity.

A couple of months on and things are definitely starting to come together. I've actually swum twice in the last week, surprisingly, my pace was faster than my last swims in November 2015. I've got comfortable biking close to 50-miles again; and while my running is way off, I've can push through 4.5-miles now.

I've committed to a few races so far.

Thursday I'm doing the without limits Stroke and Stride. I really have no objectives or expectations, just to get through the 750m wetsuit swim and 5k run. After that, I'm committed to the Boulder Sunrise Triathlon on June 26th and the Boulder Sunset Triathlon on August 27th. Both races are over the same course, so will give me a great benchmark on how I'm doing. I'm only entered for the sprint distance races, 750m open water swim; 17.3 mile swim; 5k run.

Since I have a legacy of posting targets here going back 13-years, I'll start with my objectives for the Sunrise race, survive the swim, fast T1, Bike with average highrer that 18MPH; run in less than 30-mins. Seems doable. A long way from where I've been, both geographically and speed wise. The thing about racing for some 18-years and having easy access to results via Athlinks is that it's esy to see where you've been.

Almost 10-years to the day, I was racing the original Florida Half Ironman (70.3) course for the first time, and averaged the 56-mile bike course at 20.58 MPH; I averaged 19.04 MPH for the full 112-miles of Ironman Arizona in 2009; and last September 21.95 MPH for the sprint distance at the ITU Worlds, so average >18MPH it is. For the run, my second ever triathlon, the Flashman Triathlon in September 1999, was 30:13, so <30-mins is on.

Just like starting over.

Tags: colorado, racing, training, triathlon

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