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Bicyclists, numbers, infractions

I got back from my early morning swim today, settled on the front porch with coffee, granola and the latest edition of the Colorado Home Town Weekly, to enjoy the sun coming up over the houses in front of me. I was astounded by a letter on page-5 that was suggesting that all cyclist should be required to wear bibs with some form of registration number. You can read a copy of the letter on the Boulder DailyCamera, and a report of the incident that prompted the letter here.

I couldn't let this pass without a response, apart from costly to implement, and impractical, it's also unnecessary. I've sent it to both the DailyCamera and the Hometown Weekly, here is my take. Share the road.

With respect to James Thurbers letter, June 8th Edition.

It is unacceptable for this woman to be punched by anyone, let alone a cyclist. Common assault happens all the time, the solution isn’t to pass more laws in the hope that “perhaps” the perpetrator “could” be caught.

It’s not clear from the letter if Mr Thurber is the same James Thurber that is a licensed attorney in Lafayette? If he is, then it’s not surprising he would prefer more legal malaise to make money from.

Mr Thurber seems to have overlooked that in February this year, Gregory Zolnick was hit and critically injured on Highway 36 by a driver who was presumably licensed, in a vehicle that was presumably registered, we don’t know as the assailant was never caught. Let’s not forget that almost exactly a year ago John Jacoby, in Windsor, Colorado was cycling, and was shot and killed, presumably with a licensed weapon, again we don’t know, the assailant was never caught.

On June 8th, 5 cyclists were killed, and four more seriously injured in Michigan. While those who ride bicycles do break the laws from time to time, their crimes are relatively harmless and when they do they put themselves at most risk. When did you last read about a car that crashed, caused by a cyclist? When did the news feature a driver who died as a result of a cyclist not paying attention, or when the cyclist was texting while riding?

Demonizing cyclists isn’t helpful. Increasingly as Boulder becomes more and more populated, and more expensive, many people will resort to cycling, especially those on low income to travel short distances.

It is for us all to be more polite, more civil, more patient, more vigilant and use the laws we have to prosecute any criminal behavior.
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