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USAT Votes Yes!

To be more precise, just 1% of USA Triathlon's claimed 500,000 members voted at all in the recent election, and of those 3,592 voted for the board submitted amendment to the bylaws.

That in one vote is everything wrong with USAT. Nobody cares except the board and a small number of others. USAT is little more than a necessary evil in the life of most triathletes. They are forced to hand over money once per year, or once per race do join an organization that seems to spend most of it's time and effort in-fighting, changing it's own byelaws.

While there are many people that volunteer their time, and effort, to make sure races happen, to provide guidance on the sport, the national association has little in the way of structured programs to grow and publicise the sport; it either deliberately or through ineffectiveness fails to engage and capitalize on the huge membership base and allows the scale and geography of the country defeat any practical attempts to localize. At least as I understand the amendment, and thats mostly just through reading it, they are reducing the regional representation on the board, making the centralized structure less visible, and less transparent. That can't be a good thing.

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