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2017 is going to happen...

Well 2016 was another quiet race year, moving 1000+ miles and building a house was distracting enough, so it was never going to be a big race year. Also after 17-years of racing, it's hard to get motivated to do enough training to justify the mostly high race entry fees. Add to that I'm living at 5,430ft, aka mile high country and there you have it.

However, given the old moto "a change is as god as a rest", I've made a start on training for next year in 3-different ways. From my races this year, I can see how much my swimming has dropped right off. We've joined the local Y who have an outdoor pool, but for the winter they've covered it with an impressive cover. Swimming twice a week at least it is.

For biking I've got a trainer set up in the garage, but it is still nice enough to get out on the bike. One of the more amazing sites when we head north on rides through Erie, CO. is the Boulder Valley Veldrome. A neighbor and fellow cyclist extolled the virtues of it, we went one evening earlier in the year to watch the racing, it looked like a lot of fun.

They run taster sessions for new folks to try out the track and I signed up for one. It's actually pretty difficult to ride at speed as there are no real rest areas. I averaged 26-28MPH for a couple of mile rides, but faded badly after that. Also actually getting off the bank section is pretty hard when you start to slow down. It was fun, but my reluctance to do anything that puts me in danger means I probably won't ride there again. It's well worth experiencing though, and the taster sessions include the use of a bike, and shoes, so you just need to bring a helmet.

For running, it couldn't be more different. While running in Austin can't be criticised, it was a bit monotomus. Sure there were numerous routes, but from where I lived it almost always included running on Town Lake Trail. Not a bad thing at all, but included a couple of miles from the house on urban sidewalks, or a "track session" and run down the railroad track.

Here there are endless trails, both concrete and crushed granite. Hills, no hills, lakes, no lakes. The weather is constantly changing. I ran homefrom school drop-off, which is almost exactly 3.5-miles across the Louisville North open space, and it was in the high 30's(f), two days later it was in the 80's.

So much to do for next year, I age up, and after 18-years(?) in triathlon, I'll be in the 60-64 age group. I'm thinking it will be a good year for a bike tour, another Sierra to the Sea, a couple of sprint triathlons, and I think a half ironman distance race. Yep, 2017 is going to be a big year ;-)

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