Triathlon Business International 2017

I'm heading to my 7th "Triathlon America", now Triathlon Business International (TBI) conference. It's the only time you'll ever see me on a start list next to Lance Armstrong.

I've written numerous times in the past about TBIs infatuation with Lance, especially here. It seems their forbidden romance is about to be consummated as Lance is on the agenda for a discussion with the aforementioned Dan Empfield, at 8:30am on Monday (full agenda).

I have lots of questions, mostly from a triathlon governance perspective, I want to know who knew what, when, and what were their actions?

It's unlikely I'll ask any of them though, as much as honest answers from Lance would tell us if the people governing our sport are fit to hold office, I neither expect Dan to ask the questions, nor Lance to answer them, especially if I ask. Lance, is as much a sideshow now as the TBI Conference was when it tried to get Lance to respond after Travis Tygart spoke at the 2014 Conference. Triathlon needs to move on.

I'll post some observations from the conference here, I'm sure Dana Willet from 303 Triathlon and Cycling will doing outstanding coverage via twitter and their web site.

My Prior posts on Triathlon America and TBI are tagged #tbi and/or #triathlonamerica and my posts about Lance Armstrong tagged #lancearmstrong. If you want copies of anything that is no longer online, I probaby have it somewhere.
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