Ultra-distance running - the last refuge for the cheat?

Just a quick follow-up on my prior post. After a few emails, I managed to get an "exclusive" lined up for local 303 Triathlon, the follow-up on Holly Balogh, 46, a Kona qualifier and Ironman All World Athlete champion in 2014 and 2015, who tested positive for exogenous testosterone after winning her age-group at North American Ironman championships at Texas last year.

Some great investigative reporting by Tim Heming revealed that Holly was racing in ultra races and winter endurance events under her maiden name. The article was written for 220 Triathlon in the UK, but 303 Triathlon published it first after approval from Tim. Sadly, it was later picked up by Triathlon Magazine Canada picked it up and in their hasty rewrite, introduced a couple fo errors.

Interestingly, ultra distance events seems to be the last refuge of the cheat. Julie Miller, who was last year banned after repeated course cutting, is reported by Triathlon Magazine Canada, to also be racing ultra-distance running.  While as we learned from Lance Armstrong, you can't stop people exercising and woring out, Ultra-running surely does want the reputation as the home of the cheat?

Tim and I are now working on another article about performance enhancing drugs in triathlon, hopefully we'll make enough progress to publish something within a month.
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