Winter Six Pack #6 Westminster 10k

Kate signed up for the whole winter series early this year, or was it last year? I really wasn't ready, and am still not. So I decided to sign-up for the 10k in the last race of the series, surely I'd be ready by then?

However, we both arrived on Saturdays start line having never run the distance this year, and in conditions more like January. My only objective was to not be slower than what I remembered my slowest race 10k had been, 62-minutes in 2001. The course uses exactly the same first 1.5 mile out and back as the 5k series, I've run that a couple of times while Kate was racing, and is all offroad, although a lot of it on concrete path. My 5k training runs were 30:43, and 30:35 and so a long way from my best.

I hit the turn around slightly ahead of my 5k training run turnaround times, which was optimistic, and was delighted I managed to run/jog the whole 10k. My Heart rate was 150bpm average, which despite the slow pace and altitude is pretty representative of my current fitness. I finished in race recorded time of1:07:13.5. That time got me 3rd place in the 50-59 category, if I'd have been racing in triathlon based, end of year age, groups, I'd also have been 3rd. In the picture below, you can see #325 of passed me for 2nd place. D'oh.

Initially I was disappointed with my time, if not my finish place, but when I checked athlinks later and found that at the 2007 IBM Uptown 10k I ran 1:09:05. I wonder what a 10-year younger me would think of being beaten? I have a lot to do though if I want to step up from Sprint distance triathlons again this year.

Overall an excellent race, well run, instant results online, and free photos taken at the turnaround and finish line. A free pint glass to all finishers. See below for two of my pictures. I may do some of the 5k summer series races.

Official Race Results for the 10k
Garmin Connect Data for the race

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