Triathlon on TV (UK)

It;s a tri-fest on Channel five for the next 10-days or so. Get ready with those videos, PVRs, Sky+ manuals and make sure you know how to use them!

ITU Triathlon World Cup Cancun - Starting: 02:00 on Thursday 25th November. Duration: 50 minutes- Showing on five</a>.

Ironman Triathlon: Lake Placid - Starting: 00:25 on Monday 29th November. Duration: 50 minutes - Showing on five</a>.

Ironman Hawaii World Championships - Starting: 01:00 on Tuesday 30th November. Duration: 50 minutes - Showing on five.</a>

ITU Triathlon World Cup Rio - Starting: 03:15 on Thursday 2nd December. Duration: 50 minutes - Showing on five.</a>

Given the BTA Annual report gives figures on both the BBC Olympic and non-Olympic triathlon events carried this year, and for the non-Olympic events the average is typically 1.0M, 18% Share, 1.1M Peak. It would indeed be interesting to know what sort of viewing figures five get for the IM races they've been showing, if anyone sees anything, let me know.

On top of which today has been great news on the organisational front, things are nearly complete in the garden. Details later!
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