triman (triman) wrote,

Another new race series, TriStars reformed!

This is pretty big news, not because they've signed up Fabian Cancellara, but Georg Hochegger. Georg is an IRONMAN Hall of Fame recipient.  He was the original IRONMAN Klagenfurt organizer until he sold out in 2009. After that he was one of the founders of the Tristar series. They are restarting the series with ‘new partners, a new concept, in Rorschach, where Switzerland, Germany and Austria meet, the weekend of 2-3 September 2017.

The races will be over the 55.5 and 111 km distance ITU recognized distances.

Add Tristars to Super League Series as well as the Collins Cup and things are diving up nicely along geographic boundaries. Sadly this ignores, at least currently, all the new and emerging opportunities. Maybe the Tristar races will break the mould?
Tags: collins cup, super league, tristars
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