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Athlinks updates UI and Search

Athlinks have released a major update to their UI and event/results search capability. My results page is here, search and claim your results, add me, and I'll add you back.

Perhap the most useful thing they've added is race planning via the events page. There seem to be more races and events there now. Which is a tiely reminder for me. Looking at my results for the last few years on athlinks just confirms my racing has gone off a cliff.

Races completed - 2014(18), 2015(8), 2016(4) and so far in 2017 I'm looking at only 3-races.

This is a reasonably repeating pattern when you move. Life takes over, racing takes a back seat. Kate and I are heading to Sierra to the Sea again this year. It's a tougher than usual cycling tour, including a 91-mile first day with 5000ft+ climbing. Once I get back from that, it's time to get serious with training again.

Congrats again to Athlinks, if you are not using it, you should, sign-up here.
Tags: athlinks, races, results, sts2017
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