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Ironman Creates Inconvenience - No shit Sherlock.

If you organize races, you have to be prepared for complaints. I can remember 10-12 years ao an older "gentleman" trying to park his car across the run course because he objected to being made to take a left turn, rather than a right turn out of his street.

The era of social media has just given people another place to rant about races. I was in just the right mood this morning to respond to this review of 1* for Ironman Boulder yesterday. You can read the whole thread here, but this was my final reply.

Rebekka, I do take your comments seriously, but I am NOT nor have I ever been an employee of Ironman. I have been a race organiser, and helped organise an Ironman races as far back as 2001.

Yesterday I was one of the volunteer captains, I gave 13-hours of my time for free, to make sure the event went as smoothly as possible. I too have a family, my partner owns a local small business, and she also volunteered and we had our 8-year daughter away for the day.

If you feel strong enough to engage in a debate/argument with random strangers on facebook about the inconvenience of this event, and make generalisations about the race and it's competitors, when we have no idea if either Sean or Kathryn competed in, I would suggest you have time to register a complaint with Boulder City Council and the Police dept. Please do.

It will be much more effective that arguing on social media. If you feel really strongly with the race being downtown, I suggested that you get together a group of like minded citizens and lobby the city to reject the route for future races.

As to you questioning the veracity of my claims about the charitable achievements of this race, by asking for links. Here are two for you.

Ironman Foundation gave $70,000 in 2016

Ironman Foundation gave $121,000 in 2015.

So be prepared to find that there are many local organizations, that will take an opposite view to yours, believing that a single sundays inconvenience is worth the price.

This years amount will rise significantly as there is a 2nd event in August, which comes nowhere near downtown and will again be hosted out at Boulder Reservoir. I suggest if you were making plans to take your daughter to the reservoir/beach on August 5th, you make alternative plans now.

Have a nice day. I won't be responding here again. Thank you for the opportunity to respond on behalf of all the participants, schools, charities who did NOT take part in the race, but benefit from the event.
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