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Tri Boulder 2017 - Not what it seemed...

As can be seen from this picture taken at my wave start, I'm expelling air and thinking "here we go again". (thats me, sleeveless Zoot wetuit, dead center).

My wave was the last male wave, it contained all the men over 40, and the Clydesdales. Given I hadn't swum for 10-weeks, I deliberately started toward the back of the wave.

While swimming at Boulder Reservoir is never really hard, it can be choppy though depending on the wind. The reservir is big enough to have a 1-lap swim for Ironman Boulder, so the 750m swim at Tri Boulder is a pretty straight forward rectangle.

Not withstanding that, I had an awful swim. I had to stop before getting to the first bouy, struggled after truning the last bouy on the long swim back to the exit. 750M swim in 20:22, embarressing at best. 4th best swim in the 60-64 age group.

I barely had any energy to run to transition. I made it out onto the bike with out much of a delay, but certainly didn't complete a full running mount. T1 in 1:26 was fastest in my age group, by almost 30-seonds, but not something I'm proud of.

I struggled to settle in on the bike, but by the turn off I36 onto Neva/Niwot I was full into race pace. I was never passed on the remainder of the bike course, although it was hard to push along the Diagonal ,  the final mile or so back to the Res' through the gate, feet into shoes and I was off the bike just before the dismount line. A disappointing 53:25, some 4-minutes slower than my last race over the course. 5th fastest in age group.

T2 was a blur. I'd visualized exactly where my transition entry would go, and marking my space with talcum powder might have helped. 50-seconds fastest again in age group.

Out onto the run and I was tiring. In my entry "2017 Starts Next Week", I remarked about the wound problem, and also mentioned that I had no health insurance. Turns out both these would be significant in the coming weeks. At the race though I was only able to plod out a slow but steady pace.

I was looking for other age group competitors, and was convinced I'd been passed by two. I pushed through the finish line convinced that at best I'd gpt 3rd. My run time at 34:25 for the 5k was one of my slowest ever.

I caught up with Kate and Ava, posed for this picture and then went hunting for the realtime results. My finishtime of 1:50:31 was again disappointing, but representative of my splits and probably the trainign I'd put in

I'd come 6th in the 60-64 age group. 3rd place was 1:40:06 and I was almost 10-minutes slower. Meaning my course best of 1:41 at last years Boulder Sunrise would have still only got me 4th.

Besides which, I'd struggled this year. I've felt a lot more sluggish, had a harder time with recovery and was generally down on getting older.

SWIM: 750M - 20:22, 4th AG
T1: 1:26 - 1ts AG
BIKE: 17.28-miles- 53:25 19.3MPH, 6th AG
T2: 00:50 1st AG
RUN: 5km - 34:25 8th AG
Total: 1:50:31 6th AG, 96/190 Men.

Official Results:
Garmin Connect Data:



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