UK Sport backtracks on funding

Well despite the initial flurry of e-mail "optimisim" and the relatively high level of almost immediate disclaimers about the Olympic funding for British triathlon, UK Sport and the Telegraph who leaked the initial story and caused the initial panic have back tracked. In this article Max Jones, UK Sport outgoing Performance Director and British Triathlon Chief Exec Norman Brook both agreed that last weeks consultative meeting where the funding model was first revealed, wasn't well received. Leaving Liz Nicholl, the acting chief executive of UK Sport to pick up the pieces.

Nicholl makes a telling point though that Brooke and Coulson et al have to consider seriously in the short term, Nicholl says  "We want an objective and transparent approach". Ammendment-4, drafted and proposed by me and seconded by Henry Budgett for the BTA AGM is about this exactly, transparency. With the mess that the elite/WCPP funding is alleged to have been in this Olympic year, and with rumours of further "assimilation" and more athletes than existing funding, its about time the BTA put its' own house in order.

Oh yes, why is UK Sport in such a state of flux, yet so dominant? Liz Nicholl is listed "acting chief executive"; Sue Campbell, the" acting chair of UK Sport" and Max Jones " who retires in March as UK Athletics' performance director" - Hardly suggests an organisation in control.

Talking of which, the BTA will be sending their team to the ITU Congress soon, just over a week until the voting - "Let the games begin" - I wonder if UK Sport has a funding model for how many executives it takes to vote at an international congress?

Telegraph: UK Sport backtracks on funding  By Tom Knight  (Filed: 24/11/2004)
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Thats not what they said on the news....
I saw Norman on the news the other day talking about this, and I also saw the UK sport woman talking about funding.

Lets face it, if I ran a large company, spunked 1.5 million and got the results we got at Athens I would be down the job centre. If UK sport do derail the gravy train it will be no loss to us age groupers who are second class citiziens compared to the Australia B team that the money funds.

The BTA press release is I think optomistic to say the least....but well see.