Snowman Stampede Half Marathon

Next up for me in my Wildflower Triathlon 2018 Long course prep is a standalone half marathon tomorrow. I'm not really prepared for it, I've been doing much more riding and shorter distance running, as well as core work under my current coach.

So my expectation is really a DNF. But I've been here before. The competitor in me refuses to quit even if that means a 4-mile walk to the finish line. If I can get over 8-miles I'll be delighted.

According to athlinks, which I think is right, my PR from 8 finished half marathons is 2:04:45 at the Austin 3M half in 2012. Add to that my DNF in 2009, and my first competitive half, the Reckson Long Island Half Marathon that I did back in 1983, and this will be my 11th standalone half marathon.

Not bad for someone who was told in Spring 1979 he was lucky to be able to walk, and would never run again.


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