South African Ironman 70.3 World Championships continues to evolve.

In what must be a face-saving switch, Ironman announced a change to the bike course back in January. Notionally to make the course safer for the athletes, it also conveniently reduced the need for R175 million in road upgrades that a cash strapped city and region couldn't afford.

Interesting they'll be implementing special police patrols to protect those training and racing. The local News24 has a list of the actions to be taken.

The big reason the Cape Twon area of South Africa has been in the news lately though isn't anything to do with the Ironman, it is that they have a severe water shortage and as reported today, pollution problems when an odourless brown water poured into Three Anchor Bay.

With the seasons in South Africa reversed from ours, they still have time to recover with the rainy season and winter ahead before the 70.3 Worlds. Will be interesting to see how it evolves.


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