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Who has got the X-factor ?

Who will make it through ?  X-cruitiating - X-treme - X-posed - X-ceptional -  the next two weekends will reveal who has the triathlon x-factor.

Yes finally it is the ITU Congress this coming Saturday, and the BTA AGM Sunday 12th DecemberX-factor

Yes finally it is the ITU Congress this coming Saturday, and the BTA AGM Sunday 12th December

  • X-cruciating! The good, the bad and the ones you can only watch through squinted eyes. You think you’ve seen it all? Think again.

  • X-treme! This is no ordinary talent contest. It’s as much a battle of the congress as it is for the nominees.
  • X-posed! The battle draws near. By Monday we will know something, quite what we won't know until Monday. New President, Old President, New legal challenge ? Same old problems.

  • X-ceptional! Instead of just having the fun of one election, those of us in Britian can have our own mini-World series the following w/e. Same objective, same problems, heck even some of the same people. In the GB one, the members decide instead of a bunch of deals over who gets which world championships, what will be the next stop on the elite gravy train. BTA Members can watch the live action by showing up for 11.00am sharp in Loughborugh.

    Chances are you'll get to vote on things you didn't even know there was going to be voting on. See what the nominees are staking their reputations on, you get the deciding say. Watch the live performances and vote for the ultimate winner. International-man, Age group-woman? Over 25? Over 40? Over 60 ? Or will a new group take centre stage? Who has got The X Factor?
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