Triton World Series - Long Course over 3-days!

I doubt I'll ever be able to compete over long course distances again, but heck, the Triton World Series looks both epic racing and race tourism all wrapped up in one.

If you've even blown up on the final leg of a half distance (70.3) or full distance(140.6) race because you went too hard on the bike(me, every long distance race I did!), or are not sure if you can race long distance, the TRITON World Series is well worth considering, especially if they add the race countries they've listed including the USA and Canada.

The only race so far announced is the Azores Triton, taking place on the 18th, 19th and 20th of October, 2019.

The races are held over 3-successive days. The first day is a swim, choose from 1.5Km, 3Km, 4.5Km; The second day is the bike, choose from 50Km, 100Km, 150Km; the third day is the run, choose from 10Km, 20Km, 30Km.

Awards are based on points, and  are awarded as follows: 1st place will be awarded a number of points equal to the number of finishers in the race and category in question (X); 2nd place gets (X-1) points; 3rd place gets (X-2) points, and so on until the last placed finisher, which will get one point. Points from all TRITON WS races are added for a end of year ranking.

They have Pro, Age Group, Corporate and Relay divisions, and points over all 3-distances Full, Half and Olympic. Which implies you can't mix and match distances.

There are a set of short videos on youtube, with the courses for the Azores Triton races. I have to say it looks epic. As of today, I was the only person who'd viewed the video below :-)


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