Three strikes and you are out

Jokers wildWell the BTA has announced the results of this years elections ahead of this Sundays Annual General Meeting and it is "three strikes and you are out" for BTA Chairman Peter Coulson.There is no doubt that Peter has put in a huge amount of time, effort and possibly personal expense while acting as BTA Chairman. He has also been very active in the BTA for more than 14-years and beyond that I can't really say, I have no personal memory or documentary evidence.

It might be interesting though to speculate why his downfall came about. Reading the October 1990 issue of 220 Triathlon magazine,[don't bother calling the publishers for back orders, they don't even have digital copies(sigh..)] Peter was convinced back then that the BTA needed reforming. He has pursued this pretty relentlessly since taking over as Chairman, but was this the model he wanted or something drip fed to him by by the "suits" that increasingly "own" sport in the UK ?

These days it is almost impossible to organise any spontaneous sport. There are rules and regulations, people advising on saftey, on youth and junior involvement, on funding opportunities and these people have managers, their managers have managers who are represented on boards  by unelected and largely unaccountable "suits". Its a self-fulfilling prophecy, the need to create work to build their empires, it is all about span of control and disinfranchising the actual participants, after all they just want to particpate.

So, the new administration will have to deal with the same issues, in fact Jasmine, Clive, Andrea and the rest of the team perhaps have a bigger challenge if they want to re-focus the organisation.  The bigger question is though what and how will they deal with the suits ? First question, what of Maw ? A sports coach who doesn't coach, he just sits above those who do; then there is Norman Brook, CEO of the BTA.

After 4-years at the top Peter Coulson has paid by losing the job he wanted in a sport which he loved, we failed at the Olympics with what was both a selection and executive failure(Strike-1); we put all our eggs in one basket, moved the BTA AGM to after the ITU Congress to make sure that the BTA Vote could go with Dr Sarah Springman, it almost certainly wouldn't have had the BTA AGM been the week before the ITU Congress(Strike-2) and finally and possibly most importantly, sacrificing time on the domestic scene and domestic support for all that International and sports governing body stuff(Strike-3). Should he be the only person that pays ?

For the record, I never heard back from Peter on the drafting resolution for the ITU Congress; he also never followed up on the e-mail Clive Faine and Jasmine Flatters sent him with respect to my withdrawing my Open Governance resolution. This was subject to satisfactory assurances that the principles I was pursuing would be implemented as best practices anyway. Jasmine and Clive have already given me the same assurance and following further discussion at the AGM I will withdraw. I don't see though what harm it will do to include them in the embers of a dying organisation anyway, just to make sure that when british triathlon and triathlon england rise from the ashes they'll have a set of guidelines to adhere to.

Sporting organisations bye-laws, constitutions - three strikes and you are out

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