Time for the rubber to hit the road

Carlsbad Half MarathonWell after way to much politics its back to training. Last week was a full week, and despite the holidays and the cold snap here in the UK, this week will be more of the same. I went out yesterday to see if I could make a late push to take part in the Carlsbad Marathon and after 12-miles yesterday the answer was a resounding NO. I started to slow dramatically after 11-12 miles as my hips and knees started to stiffen up and after 14-miles I was done. There is no way I can improve enough to make a decent "run" at the full marathon, but I have a confirmed entry for the half on January 16th. The course fast and scenic as most of it runs along US 101 and the Pacific highway. Nice.

Swim session on Monday 20th at the Herts Sports Village, 8pm as usual. Can I suggest those up for it meet in the Three Horseshoes pub on Hatfield Rd. Smallford opposite Notcutts for around 9pm and we will get out of the pool and come down and join those not swimming!!

Wednesday morning I'm up for a ride as there is no Wednesday evening session. How about 8am from Savacentre ? Its predicted to warm-up midweek with light showers, so if it does we can get out of town and do some of the lanes over the back towards Hartford, Welwyn and back a steady 30-miles.

Thursday morning 7.30am at Herts Sports Village. Its a full price swim(£3), but the pool will likely be empty or nearly for those that are not Cannons members or members elsewhere. We can certianly take over one of the wide lanes.

Friday, Saturday - days off to relax

BOXING DAY - There is Mince Pie run at 11am from The Plough in Ttytenhanger(8-miles?)
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r u running the marathon?
sorry,not sure if yu are going to do it; if you do what are your goal time?
Here in Austin Tx. its 'cold' when the weather is 45F around 8am. we are not used to 'cold' weather, after reading your LJ ,it as inspired me to get my body ouside and run, cycle. your weather conditions are much harder than in Tx.
Re: r u running the marathon?
I'm going to do the half marathon and enjoy it, maybe try for a pb as its a flat course. You are right its much colder here than Austin. It was -6 this morning... The biggest problem over here are the roads, in icey conditions its really only safe to cycle on main roads.

Of the two places I'd much rather be over at Barton springs in Zilker Park, one of my favorite places to swim..

So, my goal for the half is 2-hours. I'm 47, 200lbs and my knees are not in great shape so that will do for me. My last half 2-years ago took me 2:11:20...