Carlsbad Marathon Update

carlsbad marathon in progressWell I did the Carlsbad Half Marathon. A good race, low key, well organised, big turnout - about 6000 runners for both the marathon and half marathon. a more undulating course than my last half, with one steady climb and a 7-mile out and back stretch along the Pacific Coast with fab view of the sun, sand, surfers and sea.The marathon and Half started together, they split after the 4-mile marker. Had a good race, wore my HRM to try and keep my boundless enthusiasm in check, but still went through 5k, 10k well ahead of schedule, as is always the way with me I faded badly later in the race, this time between 10-11 miles, but still came home in a new PB, 2:04:32(watch time), a full 7-minutes faster. Well pleased even if it wasn't the sub 2-hours I was hoping for.

Massage, food, and then went out to the beach in the Mustang convertible stopping to pick-up a frappachino and went and sat and watched the surfers on the beach - Hey dude wheres my surf board...

Heather Fuhr was 3rd in the womens half marathon and I never saw her, d'oh.

The North County Times write-up
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Interesting that they got the distance of the race wrong in the article ;-)

Nice write up though.