La Jolla SunsetWell, I think I've found heaven on earth and its in Encinitas, California! After the Carlsbad Marathon I found my way onto S21 back along the Pacific coast to La Jolla. About half way along I drove through a village called Encinitas.

The next day I came back to spend more time there. I found my way to a small parking lot on a cliff over looking the beach, parked the car and went down to the beach for a while. I swam in what had to be as close to the coldest water I'd been in without a wetsuit, I had to swim out past the surfers, there were maybe 30-40, although the waves didn't seem that big. After about 15-minutes it was back in and lay in the sun to dry off. After that it was back into the village to Starbucks, I sat outside and consumed a decaf Americano, and then wandered across the street to the Nytro triathlon shop.

It was a mecca to expensive bikes and great equipment. As usual though I found a bargain. They were selling of their 2004 stock of cycling shoes. There in a box was the size 45.5 Carnac TRS7 Triathlon shoes I wanted but would no way pay $189 dollars for. All the shoes were 50% off... given the current £/$ exchange rate, that made them about 1/4 of the UK price... Heaven... If you check their website they list the shoes at $150.. either the website is out of date or someone made a mistake.  I left pleased as punch.

What was best about it, while sitting in Starbucks, I watched a constant stream of cyclists up and down both sides of the road in the cycle lanes which extended as far as I knew and saw all the way from Carlsbad back to La Jolla. How cool. Heaven on earth for triathletes....

Nytro triathlon shop
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Yes, this area is a great place to train. I am lucky enough to live about an hour from there.

I love the Orange County/what I've seen of San Diego area bike trails and paths! I managed a bike ride of over 60 miles with about 3 stop lights and only having to cross one major street!