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Triathletes training log

Iain Curtis has updated his excellent yet simple to use training log that allows you to keep all the information you need and track your progress in training and races!Unlike many of the other training logs available either for free or for a fee, this one is really for triathletes and is not a single sport training log adapted to triathlon. You can track workouts daily for running, swimming, cycling and weight/strength sets. You can also enter weekly weight and all this is summarised into both useful tables and charts. Most importantly, there is room to describe HOW your workout went.

This is perfect when you are looking back over a season for trends and highs/lows. If you get injured or are ill you can also put in notes to remind you what you took, what treatment etc. All this can be hugely valuable when trying to work out how to improve the following year. On that note, this year also includes the ability to compare directly with 2004 if you kept the data. You should be able to copy/paste straight out of the summary section of the 2004 training log!

Distances can be in either km/miles but should be consistent to make the comparisons and totals meaningful. You can get the log from this web page:

The bad news is I've picked up a cold and a cough. After last weeks blowout travel week that wrecked my training, I only got in a brief swim on Tuesday, the travel on Thursday from San Diego to Chicago and then New York, the freezing temps. and the Saturday trip back to the UK  and being trapped with all those germ ridden people has finally got to me. I guess some easy spin sessions this week is the best I can expect. D'oh.
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