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It's hard work getting fit, tales of a sick triathlete

For someone who doesn't get sick all that often, last week was a blow-out. I was in really low state for much of the week. Yes, of course I know if I'd not trained at all, stayed home and just taken it easy I'd have probably got better quicker.Instead of staying in resting and getting better, which is what I'd tell everyone else to do, on Monday I put in a 2-session day yesterday, well depending on how you look at it, a 3-session day. I was out early to take my trusty winter steed, a Trek 1200, in to Addiktion Cycles for work on the brakes and to get the bars retaped. I cycled there in my running shoes and had forgotten how much better cycling shoes with cleats were than just regular shoes.

Then I ran back. Tried to get through some work and conference calls and at 7.30pm set off for my swim session by running there, doi ng a 2.4km swim set and then running back. The jog back was damp and cold, which probably didn't help, but I got home ok.

Didn't sleep that well Monday night, every time I settled down to sleep I started coughing, Tuesday I felt much worse and didn't sleep at all at nigh becuase of the coughing, Wednesday was pretty much the same and by Thursday morning I was not only stir carzy from not being able to train but I felt really cr*p. Fortunately I had a scheduled appointment at my Doctors to have the stitches removed from a basil cell carcinoma excision. When I arrived I asked for a emergency appointment to see the Doc' and got one for 12.15pm. Hvaing had the stitches out by the Nurse it was time to see the Doc and mostly all he did was laugh. Dr Griffin says... Cough Medicine is a waste of money and doesn't work, there is nothing he can give me for my cough since its caused by a viral infection. His suggestion, go home and rest. So, that was it. Thursday, Friday and Saturday I pretty much stayed in, did nothing - Although I do admit to turning up to the Thursday evening swim session but never finished the set. After that it was serious rest and fortunately by Sunday morning I was feeling much better.

The lesson here is indeed, rest, keep warm, eat well and get over it, don't try to train around it!
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