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Cycling with cycling clubs

Despite the flu I felt well enough to do the Harp hilly 100km ride. Should have know better., how many times have I been out with cycling clubs only for them to decide to teach the new boy a lesson and did they... I decided that since I wasn't best form to hang back and go in the last 3:45-4:15 group. Well we started well, I stuggled  on the hill but kept up until we got to Dubstable, going up the "Downs" was just too hard. Trying to rest when I got to the top the group disappeared off into the distance. After taking it easy for about 15-minutes I was caught by the next group and jumped on, I  went to the front and pushed on. We got to a set of traffic lights and rested on red. Away from the lights I looked back and yup, I'd opened a gap, I waited they cuaght up I sat on the back.

After about 10-mins. we hit another hill, I struggled up and on the flat afterwards guess what, they pushed hard, I got dropped and that was that. Why does that always happen when I got out with cycling clubs? When I'm up for it they are not, when they are I'm not.

After getting dropped I pushed on, took a few wrong turns and finally got back, feeling ok if not a little worn, 4hrs 4mins.
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