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The end of a journey isn't always the destination

Hilton Melbounrne PoolSo, all powered up with a Targus Notebook power kit bought in duty free in Singapore, I spent a useful 6-hours on the flight from there to Melbourne. It's always good to get back here, and having got to the Hilton on the park, I thought I had arrived. Sadly not, I arrived at the hotel at 6.58am. They found me a room at 10.12am on the Executive floor, only on inspection it really isn't what I need. No desk, just a low round table with three nice chairs but much higher than the table. The there is the massive bed and no where really useful to plug in the laptop and work.

So, I hiked back down to the lobby, smiled and explained what I wanted, just a normal room with a office style desk and chair. It's 12.45pm, coming up to 7-hours and as Diana Ross sang "I'm still waiting". So, while I may have arrived, it isn;t the end of my journey, and thus I'm not yet at my destination!

to use this, copy/paste into a file with the extension of .kml, then double click and google earth will be invoked and you will fly straight to the location.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<kml xmlns="">
  <name>Hilton on the Park, Melbourne, Australia</name>
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