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It is a big race...

Transition at Elwood BeachIn a funny sort of way the  St George BRW Supersprints today, by counting straight competitors and considering its all one race as opposed to long course,  sprints and other distances, this is the biggest race I've ever done.  According to the pre-race briefing there are 4,800 competitors all doing the same distance, the same race, same course It is also the shortest distance race I've ever done. The 400m open water swim, 10k bike and 4k run is only made slightly more difficult by the fact that it is a good 1.5km run from the relay handover to the beach and then back into transition again. Paul went off first,  and it was an age before his wave start but in a short 54-mins he was handing over and I was off. Had a good run to the sea, which was nice and calm, if not a little colder than yesterday.

I entered the water  with more than a little trepidation after yesterdays effort. This time I was without wetsuit and more than just a little worried about the jelly fish. Fortunately we were on the other side of Philip Bay and there was no sight of any. After settling into my stroke I finished the 400m in 6.30'ish, ran up into transition well and onto Pauls bike.

It was weird, as I was sprinting out onto the road I realised not only was this not my bike, but I was in my running shoes and had never even ridden the bike. It was probably about 3-iches too short but once into the right gear I managed to pick off 65 cyclists and only get passed by 7, no bad considering it was a ATB with slicks.

I'm really looking forward to seeing my results as I had a fast(for me) 4k run and I was soon back in traansition tagging Don and after some 50-mins my race was over. Great fun.

Thanks very much to Don Barrow for posting to to offer the race place, and thanks to Paul for letting me use his bike and helmet. Great fun guys sorry I didn't see you to say goodbye!
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