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It has been a winning weekend!

First race of the season over, me and my loot bag! Well its been a winning w/e. Yesterday I won the wetsuit, today I won a BMW X3.

In fact when I came to pack today I think I can say I've never aquired so much stuff on a single trip. I'm leaving with a bottle of really decent wine from giving the keynote at the IDUG Conference, I went shopping yesterday in Richmond, Melbourne and came away with some great clothes at even better prices; Thanks to this mornings St Georges BRW Supersprint I not only got the BMW X3, but I also ended up with a great St Georges  sports bag, a set of chrome dumb bells, an excellent race t-shirt from yesterday and another from today.

Yes its been a good weekend! OK, alright so it wasn't the real thing, but its still a pretty decent model and ought to be worth £30/$50 when sold on e-bay! It is a 1:18 size model, comes in a BMX box - nice.

Its been a good trip, as well as all the booty, I also spent two enjoyable evenings with Ravi, and St Kilda was a blast, especially on the way through at 5.30am today. Off to Sydney now.
Tags: australia, life, races
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