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Winning isn't a result, it is a state of mind

refuelling in Starbucks MelbourneYes, winning is a definitely a state of mind. Encouraged by the weekend’s events I set out after lunch, and before I left Australia to do a long’ish straight session in the Aquatic Centre at Cook and Philip Park. I’ve been there before, it’s a great 50m pool with lockers, towel rentals, and water temperature just right(a little colder than UK pools) for a hard swim session and better still there is a Starbucks just across the road for refuelling.

I started at 1:16pm and set out to see how my left elbow would hold out over a 3k or possibly 4k swim session, so worked at probably 80% effort. For most of the session there were two or three other guys in the “Medium fast – front crawl” lane. I over took one of them from time to time, no more than 1-person every 5-6 lengths. Just after I completed my 40th length a girlie got in our lane which was now down to the three of us.

After four lengths I came up to the feet of the girlie, looked up and seeing the lane ahead was clear made a sprint of it and over took her. When I got to the end of the length there was a life guard there, and he told me I should move over to the fast lane. I didn’t want to, I was starting to tire now and was probably only going to do another 14-lengths, so I started to argue back, sure that the pool didn’t have a no overtaking rule.

After some 30-seconds of debating I realised it was pointless and went to move over into the fast lane, which much to my surprise it was empty, yes I was a winner… I did the last 14-lengths at 100% effort and finished the 3km swim in 1:07:30 – not fast but a good time and a great swim.

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