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Two weeks in April

crobar NYCIts been a hectic month already. 30th left for New York City, checked into the Millenium Hilton, no A/C and very stuffy put off though by the view out of the bedroom window... Ground-zero - all of it. Can't relax, went for a quick run up the west side path alongside the Hudson... lots of company.

Friday 1st moved to the Hilton on Ave of Americas up near the park and got tickets for Crobar to see Sasha and John Digweed. It was a humbling experience and one to remind me that I hadn't made it yet, stood in the rain at 00:40 waiting in line to get in despite having paid $60 USD for the ticket. Once inside it was intimidating as I mingled amongst the NYers in the main room. Sasha was on stage and the beat was pounding out. At $11 USD a drink and plenty of smoking it wasn't worth staying until the end. Is that NY look developed as an attempt to keep people out of your personal space or just becuase people survive there are bad?

Saturday went to see Sin City... the irony of which wasn't lost on me. Yes, I was in NY, but the people were still charactures of the people I'd seen the night before. Shame about the rain though.

Sunday was running in Central Park, Special K. helped me get around the 3rd lap quicker than normal and breakfast was a Rainbow experience. Monday it was up to White Plains and the interminable Residence Inn where a room with a view means the one next to the evelavtor(again) and what ever you ask for we don't have it. Tuesday managed to get in one of my favorite runs up to the Kensico Dam and then after another day in the office it was back to the UK.

Good news for travellers though, finally American Airlines has the walkway open between the Sky train and the terminals at JFK(see an earlier rant on this).

Friday hit by the usual jetlag slowdown... no activity. Saturday went for a long run, 5k intervals. completed the first in a record time, took the second and third easy and did the fourth as hard as I could but still down on the first two.
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