2005 Escape from Fort De Soto

Competed in Florida Race Place Escape from For De Sort triathlon in Florida on Saturday. Had high expectations that I'd beat last years time, but sadly didn't. Swim seemed to go well but came in in 14:42 for the 750m sea swim. There wasn't much swell but the tide was pulling people out to sea and I ended up almost 2-minutes down on last year. Had a good swim to bike transition as always, top-10 in the race, 1:11 seconds, which was 12-seconds down from last year, primarily becuase I had slightly further to run and hadn't tried on my helmet which was a little tight and need adjusting.

The bike was very windy at times, gust in excess of 25MPH. It was spooky in so much as at the turn around the rushing noise that had been present on the way out disappeared completely and there was just silence... finished the bike in 34:16 which was again almost 3-minutes down on last year had a good transition from bike to run in 1:37, and then a relatively good run in 27:15 which made up 2:30 on last year as I went straight up and over the fort and didn't struggle so much in the sand.

Still this years race was all about the wind and the lack of preperation on my part. Given the limited swim and bike training this year I wonder why I thought I'd be faster than last year... this years time 1:18:58

Still onwards and upwards, racing at Clermont this Thursday ahead of next weeks St Anthonys triathlon.

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