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Half Ironman World Championships news

Don't know if this is common knowledge or not...

I heard from a little birdy in FL, just up the coast from beautiful St Petersburg and Pinellas Bay home of the top-gun, escape from fort de soto triathlons, that the location for the much rumored Annual Half Ironman World Champs is Clearwater.

This makes a lot of sense. First its essentially where the WTC is based. Second there is a huge pool of volunteers out that way. Third, outside of Hurricane season and about this time of year, the weather is pretty much perfect, they already run a number of events out there at Sand Key Park. Apparently it was agreed with the local council on Thursday.

The only downside is its also November, one assumes not the same w/e as Hawaii but this will obviously encourage different groups of pro's.

Turns out that HIMUK will be the first qualifier for the 2006 World Champs, so I assume no slots for the full Hawaii race! No easy route to Hawaii for brits then via HIMUK...
Fred Sommers has an interesting observation. Bring it on!

Perhaps no reason why the Half Ironman Champs are the same month as other big Florida races, probably no reason why Half Ironman UK is on the same day as an emerging half distance race in the UK, the Vitruvian. After all, the WTC couldn't be trying to establish another monopoly by putting the competition out of business could it?
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