Open water swim in New York

Anyone know about the rules for swimming in the reservoirs in upstate NY?

I'm sure it can't be "legal" but whats do the rules say, and more importantly, what are the penalities for breaking them?

I've been swimming in this one, it has a number of people who fish off a bridge signed "NO FISHING FROM THE BRIDGE" and there are other signs up saying "No entry except with fishing permit". I recently stood around stripping off and chatting to an old railroad worker who told me the reservoir was last drained in the 1970's and that there was a local cop' who was really mean to kids swimming in the lake. Generally the water is clear, clean and warm. The is some weed, in even the deeper areas. It takes me about 90-mins to do a lap of the main part of the lake, only half of wich can be seen here.
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