Lance Armstrong Foundation Ride for the Roses 2005

LAF 2004Join me in supporting the Lance Armstrong Foundation's Peloton Project and help people with cancer live strong.

Your donation to the Peloton Project will help the LAF support people affected by cancer through advocacy, education, public health and research.

None of your sponsorship goes to me. I have paid my own entry fee, will be paying for my own transportation and accomodation. This year is even more important to me, I feel I failed last year as I didn't finish, getting picked up with severe cramps in my legs after 99.5 miles. Given what cancer sufferers have to go through, that was really inexcusable! I won't be beaten, give the LAF the funds to help beat cancer.

This year I will be riding in memory of my Aunty Winn, who died from cancer after last years ride. For Ian Parrish, former colleague at IBM who also died of cancer a few years ago. I'll also be riding in honour of fellow Tri-Force club members Trace Allen and Graham Marsh who have their own battle to win, and to Jackie Mason who is in remmision!

Every dollar makes a difference in helping countless cancer survivors around the world.

My Peleton Project Sponsorship page.
LAF 2004 Peleton Project Ride report
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