Should I care anymore?

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Every year it seems there is at least one-business trip that defines a significant moment, and today if anything, was this years.

Last year, in a magazine piece I asked “Are we deconstructing work?” after travelling 4000-miles to give a presentation in person to a group of people, mostly on the 'phone.

My question today is, “Should I care anymore?” – and the answer is a difficult one. I was up at 5 a.m. UK time to make my first flight, my connecting flight was late, and after a mad rush in a taxi, I arrived the customer location. I missed breakfast and lunch, only to find myself standing in the lobby of a soulless building with no one to meet me. It was onto the ‘phone and a few minutes later my host arrived.

After a short introduction, it was into the conference room, connect up the laptop, introductions and start talking. After some 80-minutes in what was an over crowded room that was getting increasingly hot, my suggestion of a break was declined and so I continued to my allotted 2-hours. After which I was chewed-up and spat out without even a glass of water. So, should I care anymore or were these people just rude?

The good news was I had dinner at the airport to look forward to as I wouldn’t arrive home until at least 8.30pm. Well at least I thought I had dinner to look forward to, until it came to asking for a receipt, and couldn’t get one, and then I had to clean the table myself in order to sit down…. What happened to the legendary efficiency and service?

Perhaps I shouldn’t care anymore, but either way I won’t be rushing back!

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Do you want to get paid any more?
Did you/your company quote for the job? Did you get paid?

The way I look at it, if I turn up and get asked to clean the toilets, as long as I get paid the agreed rate, I consider it a good days work! If I'm unhappy with the job, it's because I quoted too low! If you didn't get treated how you expected, at least part of that could be considered your fault for failing to spec want you want/need. Live with it and learn from your mistakes. Have you never heard of pop star's riders? Ask for what you obviously feel you deserve, and if you don't get it, or the jobs stop coming then you are obviously overrating your own worth.

Sure politeness and good service are appreciated, but you are basically a wage slave. Expecting anything more than your wage or in the case of purchasing something, the basic service you are paying for, is wildly optimistic in many circumstances.

Clive Jones