British Airways -some things never change.

It's funny how I form opinions on people and companies and some how they always live up, or in the case of BA down, to my expectation of them.

Back in about 1997 I decided BA just didn't care about its frequent flyers, the staff still lived on the old class society of the 1950s and that the whole operation was disorganised and incompentant. I switched to American Airlines for any transatlantic flights and have sonce flown 1, 980, 598 miles with them. I fly BA only when I have to.

Today was one of those days. Here is what I found. At check-in the woman was curt, didn't smile, didn't offer to change seating assignment, and despite my elavated One World status, didn't offer to upgrade me. Earlier in the day I was told when I offered to use miles to upgrade this wasn't needed and that they'd take care of it at the gate.

So, at the first class lounge it was quiete, there was no food, but free drinks. Unlike AA flagship loungges this was pretty bare essentials, no food, no papers nothing to write home about and the staff were again curt. When I asked about the distance to the gate I was told it was not far, despite my desire to leave early.

So when the flight started boarding I wasn't surprised to find that gate 63 was the furthest gate from the lounge.

Once the plane was loaded I wasn't surprised to see first class completely empty! Still off we go. When the flight levelled out after take off, the biggest surprise was yet to come. According to the "professionals" up front the weather radar non-serviceable. So it was back to Gatwick. We arrived back at 23:35.

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