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Time to get back to racing

Well it is good to see that the International Triathlon Association(ITU) and the World Triathlon Corporation(WTC) are back to their old games and fighting over the world, and Graeme Maw, still in charge of the elite programme at the British Triathlon Association (BTA) is still up to his old tricks free loading around the world - so nothing has much changed in the world of triathlon.

However, my race season has finally got underway and its' about time this year. Despite a couple of early season races I have not done much this year, training or racing! - Last weekend was the Tri-Force club championships and despite pretty awful weather we had a good turnout, I had a pretty good race and came in some 30-seconds under my total time estimate.

So, I was going to concentrate on racing for the rest of the year, but I couldn't resist taking a look at a few things. Tommorrow I'm racing in Clearwater, FL at the Sand Key Sprint Triathlon. This is interesting becuase it is the location for the first ever Ironman 70.3(thats half Ironman) World Championships. So I'll post a race report sometime Sunday and later in the week some links and reports on the location and where to consider for hotels etc.

Finally, in little over 2-hours it's the ITU Duathlon World Championship elite race in Newcastle Australia and I'm been giving that some thought. See the next entry.

So, it's back to blogging, time to catch up with some back entries and get on with things!
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