2005 ITU World Duathlon Championships

well we had a good result at the worlds for the age groupers, a few decent individual performances. See "Six Golds for GB Age Group Team in Newcastle".

I was looking at the elite start lists, they start racing in a couple of hours. While GB has the fragrant Annie Emmerson and a few other dedicated duathletes, you got to wonder who has has it right, us or the Americans. The rest of our team are almost exclusively triathletes. We've got the much talked about Tim Don and Andrea Whitcombe, Catriona Morrsion, Helen Lawrence representing the natives, with Michelle Dillon and Paul Amey representing the imports.

Compare this to the USA elite team in "U.S. Team Heads Down Under for Duathlon". Ever heard of any of them outside of Laura Bennett aka Reback? A team of mostly duathletes. Not one of the regular USAT Regular elite triathlete squad.

This begs a number of questions that will be answered in 4-hours.

1. Could the USA not be bothered to send a decent team ?
2. Has the GB Team got so little strength in depth that it has to send triathletes?
3. Do any of the GB team have a cat in hells chance?
4. Has the performance director in his rush to go on a jolly to China just picked the easiest team and avoided the hard decisions?
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