Treo back again

Back in February I acquired a new Palm Treo 650, you can see my review here. Well a couple of weeks ago it died on me. Well not precisely, it just started rebooting and looping in the reboot process. sigh.

After a frustrating 2-3 hours trying to deal with Palm tech support, getting deliberately cut-off once and going through the ludicrous zero-out reset which I just couldn't get to work. Palm finally agreed to replace it. I got the new one last night and sat-up reloading all the apps etc. You can do it on your first Hotsync but the risk of that was if the first problem was caused by software, I didn't want to reload the same faulty software.

Anyway, the good news was the replacement Treo came with the latest firmware level which saved me going through that upgrade. Anytime there is good news, there is also bad news. On each and every Hotsync the Treo does a reset. A little known Palm tip is to "dial" #*377 after a reset. Palm OS will come back with the cause of the reset. In my case everytime it is while running HotSync and PIMsDataMgr.c, Line:135 checkRecordChunk means chunk is null - so thats all right then, not! I guess I'll have to reload all the code at some stage but not soon.

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Sasagnes from MTDN here; thanks for the info! I noticed that you mentioned in your full review from may that there is no way to get receipts for text messages, and I just wanted to let you know that there actually may be a way, depending on your carrier. Here's the info, ripped from the Knowledge Base:
Does Treo 600 supports message delivery reports (delivery receipts)?

Not directly - there is no option for delivery reports in message preferences menu, but you can try with some of these codes. You have to insert code at the beginning of message.

111 or *0# or rct or *md# or *not# or *noti# or !

Example: *noti# Hi mom, I'm... (first you enter code, than hit space and start your message. Codes are shortening message length, but other side will not see code in received message).

FYI, *noti# works on my T-mobile 600. Good luck :-D