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Jones Beach Sprint triathlon - Home coming?

I had Homecoming explained to me the other day, and having raced in the 8th Annual Jones Beach Sprint Triathlon, I think I've had my Homecoming! (Yes I know there is no I in team!)

I wasn't born here, I didn't go to school here but in a way, I did graduate here. Back in I would guess 1984, I did the Miller Lite 5k runs on the Boardwalk. It was the first time since I'd broken my tib and fib back in 1978 that I'd really done any running. To tell the truth, it was probably the first time since high school.
I arrived at about 7.15am, and the sun was just coming up over the Eastern end of Long Island. It was going to be a beautiful morning. I was great to be back. For anyone that has never been there, and most importantly, for people who've never been to NY, this is a must see State Park, even on a crisp, clear winter day.

The 1/2 mile swim set-off exactly at 8a.m., the 40+ wave went off at around 8:12. I tested the water before the race and fell for the old misconception, you get in the first few inches of water and decide it's cold enough for a wetuit. Forgetting of course that deeper water takes a lot longer to cool down. I'd have been fine without a wetsuit. The first 50m or so of the swim were a wade. the water wasn't really deep enough to even dolphin dive. The swim course had the best buoys, two orange and then a white at which you turned, then two more orange and another white, then it was up and out and into transition. I stopped just before transition to strip off my wetsuit and then it was straight out on my bike.

The bike course was a two loop, almost flat afair. While the course was busy there was very little visible drafting, apart from the join in the concrete sections, the surface was excellent, I was soon into the 2nd lap and flying(for me). There were mile signs on the bike which was a big help as I didn't have a bike computer, by the end of the 2nd lap I was starting to tire, and was finally passed by about seven cyclists.

Into T2 there was plenty of space for a running dismount and I was out quickly and into the run which was along the boardwalk. It's about -2miles end to end and it was absolutely stunning running conditions. Clear blue skies, warm but not hot or windy, both of which can be a problem here. Before I knew it was sprinting down the finish chute trying to pass a 40+ before the line, which I did.

All in all a fantastic race. Great course, very easy/fast. I could have done better on the swim but probably not on the bike or the run! My total time was just over 5-minutes slower than last weeks Sand Key Triathlon and that included and extra 3.5 miles on the bike!

The organisers did some really good stuff for the prize giving. Apart from a "professional" set-up, they called out the top-10 male and female winners, then called the age-groups, which spread the awards significantly. Great race, if you want to do a fast race at the end of a long season, this IS it!

Overall           87th
Clydesdale Vets    5th
Age Group 45-49   12th out of 34
1/2 Mile swim    12:14
T1                1:48 
14 Mile Bike     37:18
Bike Avg MPH      20.9
T2                0:44
3.1 Mile Run     25:46
Total time     1:17:48
No. of finishers   447

Full Results are here.

Pictures from the event are available here.

to use this, copy/paste into a file with the extension of .kml, then double click and google earth will be invoked and you will fly straight to the location.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<kml xmlns="">
<name>Jones Beach Sprint Triathlon Transition area and run finish</name>
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