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Back to training Part II: Are you still afraid of the dark?

Afraid of the darkI think I am! - Yes, at  48 and 6'2" and weighing in close to 200lbs I'm still afraid of the dark. I arrived back at the apartment about 1-hour later than planned and while the run out to Kensico Dam was a nice sunset run, the run back was in the dark.

The problem was that unlike my last run along Firefly Alley,  this time there were no fireflys. I guess they must be seasonal too, just like everything else. Well the run back went through heavily wooded areas and I've got to admit I felt very uneasy at various points.

Why? Well despite the fact I was running along the Bronx River Parkway footpath I was afraid of the occaisional cyclist who mostly didn't have any lights and seemed to come up from behind very fast, shock-1. Then there were the exposed or raised footpath where they crossed tree roots. I really didn't want to trip and sprain my ankle or worse.

Mark that down as a slightly nervous 7.5-miles. Tomorrow its open water swim time, before it gets dark!

to use this, copy/paste into a file with the extension of .kml, then double click and google earth will be invoked and you will fly straight to the location.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<kml xmlns="">
  <name>Kensico dam</name>

Two more questions in case anyone knows.
1. What happended to "The Rising" that was suppose to have been in place on Sept. 11th, 2005?

2. With the maintenance work going on at Kensico dam will I ever get to run over the top of the dam again? Going up, across and down adds a great diversion on my long run.
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