Big boys do sweat!

well it's one of those things everyone at some stage gets told to do as part of their training, but I never did. After all, I know best.

Err perhaps not. So as part of getting ready for the heat of the Armstrong/LAF century and the MiamiMan half iron distance race I've been doing some specific heat training and testing. This included weighing myself and after sessions and the results were a real shock.

I've always sweated profusely, I just assumed that it was a hold over from when I started training for triathlon at 245lbs and while I could possibly lose 5-8lbs, at 6ft 2inches and a heavy set frame, its hard to imagine I could get below 195 and now regulalry come in around 203lbs.

So as a result of some discussion on TriTalk about sweating and electrolytes including contributions from US Manufacturer Nunn who kindly sent me a sample, and a pretty decent offer from Sports Science wiz Nathan Dennis, I arrived at the tests.

The first was Saturday. A hard 10k done at full speed and after a rest interval, a 25 mile bike back. The tests were not specifically chosen, they just fitted in with my schedule. Weight before, 207.6 with all my kit on inc. shoes. Temps for the race were in the mid-80's.

I went out hard and through 5k in 24:50 which is just over my PB, I drank about 500ml water before the race and 500ml at 2-water stations. I started to suffer from my usual stiff hips at 4-miles, welcomed the 6-mile sign and sprinted to the finish, 57-mins 17-seconds.

After the race I eat a plain bagel, two glazed donught(yeah I know but they were crispycreame) and had 500ml strawberry smoothy and a complimentary massage from the folks at Suncoast School of Massage Therapy. I filled my drink bottle with 500ml gatorade and took a 500ml water bottle.

A steady ride back, after a brief shower the weather remind pretty constant high 80's. I finished both bottles giving 2.5l total and arriving back shed my helmet and switched into my running shoes and back on the scales.Weight after 203.6lbs.

By the time I was ready to go out on a long ride Sunday, my weight was back to 205lbs with my kit but no shoes. Out on the bike in the low 90's for a steady 65-mile ride, at an average of about 18mph, its was going to be a long hot morning. I drank 1500ml gatorade, 500ml water and about 1200ml of Arizona ice tea, about 3 litres total . I'd also eaten a bag of trail mix. By the time I got to 60 miles I was starting to cramp. When I arrived back at the start some 4-hours later I was feeling light headed and got a little confused trying to get in the door, I figured I must have managed to lock myself out somehow. I sat in the hallway considering my options and had one last try at opening the door, phew it opened.

have shed my helmet and shoes, I emptied my pockets and stood on rhe scales. Stunned, no other way to say it. I got off the scales and back on, then did it again. Each time the result was the same 200lbs. I can't believe I lost 5lbs...

Now the questions is what to do about it. It is hard to imagine I could drink more.

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