Kensico Dam

In the Westchester section of todays NY Times there is a good article on whats going on up at the Dam. Bad news is its going to be the best part of 2-years before I can run along the road at the top again, good news is that they are restoring both the colonades at each end which were starting to look a little sorry.

The article has some great facts about the dam:
  • Completed in 1917
  • Built primarily by German and Italian immigrant labour
  • 1843ft or 561m Long
  • 307ft or 93.5m High
  • It's the last stop for 90% of NYC drinking water
  • Water from the Catskills and Delware river watersheds flow into the reservoir
  • It holds approx. 30-billion gallons of water
  • The reservoir covers 2,200 acres and is sited on the old crossroads of the village of Kensico
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to go there with google earth, copy/paste the following into a file with the extension of .kml, then double click and google earth will be invoked and you will fly straight to the location.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<kml xmlns="">
<name>Kensico dam</name>

Kensico Dam Rehabilitation Project Begins - from NYC Gov.
Kensico Dam History - from NYC Dept. of Environmental Protection.
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