Taper week, fun and remembering

I'm taking it easy today am going to watch the criterium racing in downtown Austin then grab some food from Wholefoods Market and go for a swim in Barton springs pool. After that its early to bed for an early start on the LAF Ride for the Roses.

Sat: 40 miles bike, 1 mile brick transition run and sprint
Sun: 30 miles bike, 10 interval run
Mon: rest day
Tue: 20 mile bike intervals, 1 mile brick - afternoon 1-mile open water swim
Wed: day off
Thur: travel to Austin
Fri: Bike build up and test, register for LAF
Sat: watch criterium races in downtown Austin; canoe on Town lake

and then its the big day. I'm as prepared as i'll ever be. I have my tags made up and am riding in memory of my Aunts Winn and Ruth, and Ian Parish. Also in Honour of cancer survivors Trace Allen, Nick Carlin, Graham Marsh, Jackie Mason.

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