Time to move on?

7th Nov.The BTA Have announced that they will put back the date by which ballot papers need to be returned by one week, now November 15th, and blaimed the printers, who have been required to send a grovelling email apology. So thats alright then.
Vote!It’s a strange old world. I wrote in "Status Quo – Dog of two head" after last years BTA AGM was over, that I was done with it. I’m really not a person for internal wrangling and politics, it is out in the open for me, discuss agendas, listen to feedback, admit mistakes and move on. I try not to hold grudges and while sometimes that leaves me nursing a wounded pride, ultimately I can move on.

Having been pulled into looking at the resolutions for the AGM after an email from a concerned club member, I thought I’d go look at the nominations for this years British Triathlon Executive Board.

I was able to catch-up with GB Elite triathlete and member of the BTA Executive Board that I sponsored last year, Andrea Whitcombe. We discussed some of the things that the BTA might do in the short and long term both at home and internationally, and we agree that the age groupers would be best served if Clive Faine were re-elected vice chair and John Lunt elected to the board.

When Andrea and I compared notes over the things that Clive had done and the work he has put in on both domestic, International, especially age group and duathlon, his experience is 2nd to none! He would continue to be a great Vice Chair and potentially future chair for the association(no I didn’t ask him if he wanted or would accept this accolade). Clive has a pragmatic approach and is focussed on development of all levels of the sport.

I know many will feel John Lunt is a somewhat controversial choice. Many will only know John through his races, and will feel his commercial interests may be a conflict if he is elected. I don't, and Andrea agrees. We both know John the man, as does anyone that has run with him early on Sunday around Richmond Park.

While John and I disagree over refund policies, there is no doubt he does run great races. His heart and soul are really into providing the best possible race for age groupers and spectators who are, 70% of the time, age groupers family and friends. He has done a huge amount over the years to bring the sport of triathlon to prominence in the UK working in a voluntary role both at home and internationally. John is known worldwide and not just as a race organiser but for his support for the
sport. Before pre-judging him, read his nomination statement in the election papers and see if that’s the John Lunt you first thought of!

As for others on the roster, I particularly think Paul Groves and Barry Frost are worth supporting. Paul has worked selflessly for more years than I care to remember as a referee both domestically and internationally and although Barry Frost and I have only met the once, I know he is very highly regarded amongst those that know him and they are routing for him to bring some new blood to the EB.

Now that would normally be a wrap. I’d encourage you to vote by mail in time for the count. However, I wasn’t the only one worried that I wouldn’t be able to vote this year due to the no-show of the ballot papers in time to get mailed onto me here in the USA and get then back to the BTA.

Henry Budgett over in triathletes-uk has gone one step better. Henry has actually done the calculations and woked out that the BTA are in violation of their own Articles of Association by not getting the ballot papers out early enough. Who knows what will happen next! Either way, I hope you'll agree that a vote for Clive, John, Paul and/or Barry is the way to go!
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BTA nomination
I agree entirely.

All these blokes are sound and have the sport's interest at heart. They are also all energetic and motivated, and clear strategic thinkers, and the sport needs this.