Long distance ahead!

Well that's it for me, this w/e it is the Miami Man half-Iron distance race. Not sure what to make of the Miami weather forecast, 80 degrees F with some showers. I guess early on it will be low 70's which will make for a good swim to bike transition and then hopefully the showers will hold off for the bike. Less chance of coming off!

I guess my expectation for the race is something around 5-hours 30-mins, which will be a full two hours faster than my last half distance shambles at Wildflower Long course in 2003 in the rain, and the modified run course which had me run(aka walk for 20-mins) up a mamoth hill twice and then there was the broken spoke of the front wheel of the bike.

Hopefully things will go like this:
Swim:     0:32:00(1.2 miles)
Bike:      2:45:00(56 miles)
Run:      2:15:00(13.1 miles)
Total:     5:32:00

On a different but related thread, it was good to see this announcement from Peter Coulson and Tracey Horne that they've withdrawn their resolution from the BTA AGM after being under constant fire/critisim/questioning over the past week or so. The withdrawl was principly because they'd received assurances that the BTA "offer its approval to any event which satifies the new Event Safety Code which is to be published within the next few weeks.". So thats alright then.

Of course it is not really, its an abstract lesson on how not to go about submitting resolutions to governing bodies, clubs, associations etc. I made the same mistake last year with the open governance resolution.
I made a late start and didn't make time to talk to ALL the board, including Peter, that was a mistake. I guess in reality, if you want to make change effective you need to start at least 3-months before the AGM and your first point of contact should be the current chair and then the CEO, or the rules and technical committee for race rules. Lessons learned.

Miami here I come!

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