5-Mile Turkey Trot, Rockland County, NY

Turkey Trot Finish lineDespite the over night snow, the 8.30am start for the Turkey Trot was actually quite pleasant. Most of the snow had melted, the rain had held off and for the first time ever at a race in the USA, they played God Save the Queen before the national anthem.

No idea if it was intentional, or if someone didn't know that it was the UK National Anthem and just played it over the loudspeaker before the start of the formal welcome. Anyway with a formal honour guard, vets from WW II, 'nam and Iraq it was the Star Spangled Banner and with a blast from a shot gun and some 1200 were off.

It was an ideal course for a fast time, one long loop around a lake with a few "bumps" or very small hills. I started well towards the back with a view of not going flat out, and to my surprise half way up the first hill we past the mile mark and I was 8:17, which is pretty fast for me given I had to pick my way through a big crowd. I pushed on and went through 2-miles in 16:03, 3-miles in 24:10 and 4-miles in 33:30, I didn't really have any pain from my legs as I'd taken 2-tylenol caps before the race and was surprised as I turned the final corner to think that I might beat my PB, and I did although I didn't have much in my legs at the end.

Overall Place: 326/1029
Category Place: 40/92
Time: 41:22
Pace: 8:17

The winner who led from the start was Carlos Jamieson, 18 from Garnerville NY, finished in 25:38, a pretty impressive 5:08 pace. After the race it was some food and then back to the apartment for coffee, a shower and in bed to read the NY Times!
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