Phew, outta breath, outta practice

Joined the local NY Sports Club yesterday becuase I've got to get back in the pool. I had a look around it and the local YMCA. The Y had the bigger pool, but the NYSC was the better facility and I got a good deal on membership. So I showed up tonight to have a go at a session. I did a 20-min bike session first just to warm-up my legs, then it was into the pool. Lesson-1, don't swim Saturday evening between 6.30pm-8.00pm it's family swim time.

Anyway, managed to get my own lane for long enough to do 32-lengths(of the 25yd pool) with tumble turns, after that the lane rope started to get moved and my time was up. Good job, when I got out I felt slightly dizzy, my thighs were throbing and I was distinctly out of breath. Oh dear... I only swam 732m.
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